Nordplus Junior project "Education based on work environment and mutual cooperation", No. NPJR-2015/10265
There are three vocational schools from Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden participating in this project. Coordinator of the project is Riga State Technical School (Rīgas Valsts tehnikums) from Latvia. Partner institutions are Kaunas Technical College (Kauno technikos kolegijos) from Lithuania and IT-Gymnasium Gothenburg (IT-Gymnasiet Göteborg) from Sweden. The aim of the project is to promote a cross-border and cross-school dialogue regarding the practical training possibilities and develop a common programme of practical training. The practical training programme will be provided for the students of Auto, Computer and Mechanical Engineering specialities. The Nordic-Baltic cooperation enables benchmarking and comparison of the practical training in all three partner schools, as well as makes sure that outputs can be suitable for the whole Nordic-Baltic region. There are involved a project manager from Riga State Technical School, project coordinators, teachers, other staff and students from all three schools in this Nordplus project. The main activities of the project are organization and implementation of practical training of students in all three countries, as well as partner and working meetings, in which project partners are planning project realization and developing programme of practical training. There is planned also a conference as conclusion of the project. During the conference project participants will share their experience and results obtained in the project with other stakeholders. The project period is two years long – from August of 2015 until July of 2017.